Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

My latest project was a birthday basket for my mom. She loves the moon, I love the stars and we have always been ones to wish upon a star, go outside barefoot to find the moon and of course, make a birthday wish while blowing out the candles.

I first found these great copper wire and wood baskets at Anthro, and the light pink cloth to line the bottom basket. While serving as a great gift container for presentation, they also have the dual purpose of being functional bread or berry baskets in the kitchen!

I stacked them and put the cloth as a liner in the bottom and then started arraigning the gift contents to make it most appealing to the eye:

Wish Upon a Star

I found such a pretty moon star and wish gifts at ABC Home in NYC. The moon card is for her to use as she wants. The star candles are wrapped in wax paper and say Wish Upon a Star. I also loved the dainty slender pink candle cluster and cheers! matches.

Wish Upon A Star File

The silver wooden moon is such a DIY – you can get a wooden moon charm and cardboard backing at any craft type of store and paint it as you wish! I added a quote using a copper sharpie, also customizable.

Wish Upon A Star

The “box of wishes just for you” (also an ABC find) contains a little deck of cards with wishes like happiness, joy, great shoes, love, hope, adventure, etc. with tiny illustrations. I am inspired to make my own customized deck for friends and fam on future occasions!

Wish Upon A Star


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