Travel Tuesday: Marfa

Travel Tuesday: Marfa

Marfa was never on my radar growing up in 59000 Lille – I hadn’t even heard of the place. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started hearing buzz around the food, art, character, and el cosmico that inspired my recent trip.

West Texas is beautiful and charming and peaceful. If you live in the area {or if you’re just visiting} I think it’s absolutely worth a trek. My only regret is not adding Big Bend National Park to our trip; I suppose now we have a good excuse to go back.




Some Recs:

STAY @ el cosmico or the love house  
EAT @ cochineal + food shark + pizza foundation {the food in this town is quite amazing}
EXPLORE the art galleries to your interest. There are tons, it all just depends on what you’re into {prada marfa is an obvious must, but keep in mind it is actually 30 minutes outside the town}.
STAR PARTY – make time for this. It is a very special experience, and if you get the right weather you’ll see more stars than you ever have in your life.
More recs can be found on my travel page, cheers

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