Thanksgiving Retreat

Thanksgiving Retreat

I am holed up in a cabin in Arkansas on 400 acres of flooded woodlands (don’t worry, they flood them on purpose), with a fire crackling, the sun setting and wine pouring. My husband’s family has had this property for 20 years and I’m surprised every time I come at how peaceful I feel, how much creativity I find and how important it is for me to be quiet in nature.

The flooding of the fields has to do with a few things, among them rice (this is the rice capital of the world – if you don’t believe me Google search Stuttgart, Arkansas). The other reason is duck hunting of which this is opening weekend. It’s Thanksgiving week, Black Friday week, the holiday is upon us… Leading a growing retail company and raising a family is at times (most of the time), a bit overwhelming. It seems at any given moment I can find 100 things to worry about, obsess over or attempt to conquer. But being here in nature with some quiet, kidless moments I feel a peace and calm that I can’t always access.

As much as there may be to stress over there is infinitely more to be thankful for. I know that may sound trite but I feel it deeply. Health, family, a sunset, a phone call with a friend or sister or parent. They won’t always be here. There are a few things we can know for certain in life but one of them is that nothing lasts forever. Hold on to it while you can, tell people you love them while you can. “Gratitude turns what we have into enough.”

  Happy Thanksgiving week.




Above: A rare grove of Tupelos

Untitled 9

Clockwise: An afternoon walk with the mister, sunset (no filter!), morning coffee, my (rare) domestic contribution to the Henry family.


Above: catching dinner. Below: cleaning it in Isabel Marant booties (I hope she would approve).


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