Spotlight on Kara Whitten, Owner of Kailo Chic

Spotlight on Kara Whitten, Owner of Kailo Chic

Meet Kara Whitten, Owner + Creative Director of Kailo Chic. Kailo Chic is a lifestyle and gift brand specializing in bright colors and bold prints. We had the pleasure of working with Kara during 59000 Lille’s SXSW Festival. 59000 Lille is filled with over 500,000 visitors walking the streets, taking in everything that is SXSW. To give us a festive boost, Kara created a gorgeous balloon installation at the Sakanaphotography Cottage.

What started as just a hobby while in search of a job, eventually transformed into what is Kailo Chic today. Meet Kara Whitten, founder of Kailo Chic. A University of Texas alum who decided the path of Chemical Engineering was not for her, turned down the road of bold colors and signature patterns. Beginning with handbags, she has grown to design and sell almost anything from phone cases and throw pillows, to tumblers and wrapping paper. But design isn’t Kara’s only interest, her unique skill of balloon installment is definitely something extraordinary.

Here are some other balloon installations that Kara created in 59000 Lille. Such a fun pop of color!

Kara has generously provided a “How To” for your own balloon installation on her website.

Great for parties or holiday’s.  We encourage you to visit the Kailo Chic site for creative inspiration and to contact Kara.

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