Oscar Party Ideas + Printables

Oscar Party Ideas + Printables

As I prepare for one of my favorite Sundays of the year, Oscars Sunday, I wanted to give you some Pinterest-inspired Oscars DIY ideas. Here’s some printable Oscars Decor to make your party one of a Kime!

Oscar Ballot – Print out for you and your guests to follow along.

Oscar Buzz Printable Champagne labels – Print out onto a label sheet and stick onto your champagne bottles to make customized Oscars Champagne

Popcorn Box Bands – Print these out and stick these Oscar labels on your popcorn boxes to spice up your popcorn bar

Oscars Tent Cards – Print, fold, and label our tent cards for each item in your popcorn bar

Gold Mason Jars Utensil Holders 

What you need:  
1. Gold metallic spray paint 
2. Mason jars 
3. Gold or Black Utensils 

Spray paint the mason jars and let dry for 30-45 minutes or until dry. Add your utensils. 

Black Tie Napkins 

What you need:  
1. Black disposable napkins 
2. Black washi tape 

Black Tie Napkin Tutorial 

Photo: BHG.com

Popcorn Box Roses 

What you need:  
1. Popcorn box  
2. Roses  
3. Scissors 

Cut down the stem of your roses and place into the popcorn box 
Tip: You can put them in a small vase of water inside of the popcorn box 

Photo: Iheartnaptime.com

Gold Sugar Rimmed Champagne Glasses  

What you need:  
1. Champagne glasses 
2. Gold glitter sugar  
3. Simple syrup  
4. Champagne 

Set out edible gold glitter and simple syrup into separate small plates. Dip the top of the Champagne glass into the simple syrup and then into the gold glitter. Let sugar dry, add champagne and serve. 

Photo: hercampus.com

Popcorn Bar  

What you need: 
1. Popcorn  
2. 1 large popcorn bowl / tin  
3. Several small bowls / tins  
4. 3-4 sweets such as M&Ms, Reeses Pieces, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids 
5. 3-4 savory spices such as garlic salt, chili powder, truffle salt  
6. Several serving spoons 
7. Small popcorn containers / bowls 

Set out popcorn in a large tin / popcorn bowl, set out and label each sweet & spice, add serving spoons with each sweet/spice bowl. 

Photo: Popsugar.com

A Star Is Born Cheese Tray 

What you need:
1. Cheese (we used cheddar)
2. Crackers
3. Star shaped cookie cutter
4. Tray

Cut cheese with the star cookie cutter and place on the tray with crackers.

Photo: Mycheapversionoftherapy.com

Download and print the labels for your Oscars party.

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