Ombre Independence – DIY Wall Hanging

Ombre Independence – DIY Wall Hanging

4th of July is nearing and I quickly have discovered that my only 4th of July decorations are a mix of classic bunting and tacky star banners that I’m sure I picked up on after holiday clearance. This year I wanted to make something a little more in step with my current obsession, my potted succulents.  I hope you like this as much as I do.

This DIY requires about 1 hour of time and a little bit of patience with yarn and hot glue.


  • Blue Ombre Yarn ($2.99 Joann Fabrics)
  • White Yarn ($2.99 Joann Fabrics)
  • Copper Spray Paint ($3.49 Hobby Lobby)
  • Wood dowel ( I reused one we had laying around but you can get one at Joann or Hobby Lobby)
  • Metal Star ($3.49 Joann Fabrics)
  • Hot Glue
  • Ruler
  • Wheel Cutter


  1. Cut Ombre yarn into sections based on color. This one I figured had 3 different shades of blue. Don’t worry about getting them the same length since we will be trimming in a later step. I used about 3/4’s of the bolt of yarn.
  2. Line up the ends of yarn and get them flat. I used a ruler and brush to help with this. You don’t have to untangle all the way through because once you glue on the ends to the dowel, the ends will naturally flatten.
  3. Next use a wheel cutter and ruler to cut the wall hanging in a pattern that you like. Because the strands were different lengths I used how they ended up to guide my cuts.
  4. Trim the ends on the dowel and use a few more white strands of yarn and hot glue to cover up the top.
DIY Patriotic Wall Hanging Supplies
Supplies from your local fabric store.
Patriotic Wall Hanging DIY Steps
Wheel Cutter and Ruler
Patriotic Wall Hanging Cuts
Use the ruler to guide your cut.
Blue Ombre Wall Hanging
Blue Ombre Wall Hanging for 4th of July

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