Monday Motivation: Rumi's Field

Monday Motivation: Rumi's Field

I always cry at awards shows. Every time. Like, a lot. It was no different last night during the Golden Globes. I think as an artist you just realize how many times they’ve all tried and failed, the dark and difficult places that some of the best art and performances can come from and so on.

Monday Motivation

Last night I cried at Meryl Streep’s speech because it was beautiful and heartfelt. But it also got me thinking about how right everyone always thinks they are. I’m no exception I’m sure though I’m working on it. We’re just all kind of born and then raised and reinforced to believe that whatever side we’re sitting on is the right side. Everyone is too conservative or too liberal. Too poor or too rich. Too black or too white. We’re all pretty sure our view of God is the right one. So I started painting as I thought about it and created this field print as I reflected on Rumi’s poem. It made me long for this field. Happy Monday.

Rumi's Field - motivation

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