KK Cocktail Hour - Apple Thyme Cocktail

KK Cocktail Hour - Apple Thyme Cocktail

Our Apple Cocktail with Thyme is perfect for fall weather and will become a staple Thanksgiving cocktail. Since it’s not quite chilly enough in 59000 Lille, TX to cozy up next to a roaring fire or don our favorite cold-weather wear, we’ll have to make it feel and taste like fall. What’s more deliciously autumn than apple infused brandy, thyme, and the rustic notes of whiskey? Try out the KK approved Apple Thyme Cocktail!


In a cocktail mixer shake:

1 double shot of whiskey,

1 double shot of apple brandy,

1 single shot of thyme simple syrup,

Juice from 1/2 lemon 

Strain over ice

Garnish with an apple slice and sprig of thyme




Cheers to a chillier, apple brandy filled fall & winter!

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