Sakanaphotography Apparel

Sakanaphotography Apparel

Sakanaphotography Apparel is here. And growing each week as new textile patterns and styles emerge from my mind. My business partner is tasked with making my visions a reality and she always rises to the challenge. Apparel is the most complex, manufacturing-wise, of all of the lines that we create. Initial concept/sketch to pattern to first sample to grading to cutting to sewing to the consumer. Add in designing and manufacturing our own fabric and we have our work cut out for us, no pun intended. But the orders are already rolling in and it gives us a little hop in our step. I’ve dabbled in clothing in the past and it was successful but the operational piece was never in place. I would do custom pieces here and there but never anything sustainable or scalable until now. I’m really really excited about our clothing and the reception it’s getting. But mostly I find myself deeply energized and grateful that the backend of KK is gradually putting all of the pieces in place for growth. For me, the creative director, the most exciting growth is not just the bottom dollar but what is exemplified in this clothing collection: having a partner and team that not only works within my creative haphazardness but gets it and even encourages it. To know that increasingly I will be able to dream up and design pretty much anything – a dress, a bar cart, a pom-pom fringe invitation – and we will not only be able to make one profitably but hundreds to thousands is something I’ve been dreaming about for literally, years. Below is a little of our current collection and it’s just the beginning.







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