Gone in a Flash Flood

Gone in a Flash Flood

Rocking chairs on the front porch, a red solo cup of some concoction in hand, and a staring out over a beautiful calm river. This is how I’ve spent many beautiful weekends in Wimberley, Texas where my best friend’s parents have a home. We would gather there as friends for a long weekend, or just head out for a day to get out of the city and into the country… As many of you know by now that charming little town and most of the houses along the river have been ransacked by rising waters over the weekend. The photo above is the house in the photo below…


The Careys, Ralph and Sue who are among the missing always let us use their swimming hole, seen below. We would drive over and park by the fully burnt orange home, roll our coolers down to the river and wade for hours. That house is now gone along with roughly 1000 others in Wimberley. Eight of Jen’s closest family friends are missing and the rescue efforts continue.


We are mostly in shock and I for one feel pretty helpless. Maybe there will be a miracle… If just one is found alive it will all be worth it. There are ways you can help whether you are near or far. If you are near, able-bodied volunteers are still needed. It is thick, tough terrain. You should be able to walk 7 miles in mud. There is a lot of area to cover. If you or anyone you know is up to the challenge please contact the First Baptist Church in Wimberley which is serving as the headquarters for all search and rescue efforts.

Trained search dogs and airboats are what is most needed now. If you have access or information about these resources also call the First Baptist Church in Wimberley.

Near or far you can help in funding the efforts. There have been a few different Gofundme accounts set up but there is only ONE official one. This is the official fund. 


When the unimaginable happens there always seems to come with it a renewed perspective, that perspective we wish we always had about what really matters in life, how quickly it can all be gone and what our day to day lives should really be centered around. That’s happened with this tragedy for most of us close to it. Hug a little tighter. Tell people how you feel about them. Breathe. Pray for a miracle.

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