Gold Dipped Coffee Mug DIY

Gold Dipped Coffee Mug DIY

If it hasn’t become abundantly clear already: I really love coffee. So, as you can imagine my excitement when I arrived at the Sakanaphotography Headquarters on Wednesday morning and there was a Keurig sitting on one of the desks. In true Sakanaphotography fashion, we knew that we would have to choose a space in the office to transform it into a beautiful coffee station.

Being completely obsessed with DIY projects, I was instantly inspired to make my project this week coffee mug inspired. After a little time on Pinterest, I decided on a gold-dipped mug with an arc monogram.

Mug diy Supplies KK


• White coffee mugs (I got these mugs at Walmart for $2!)

• Gold spray paint

• Clear glossy sealer

• Painter’s tape

• Optional (if you want to add the monogram as I did!): Vinyl and Cricut Machine

Tape off Mug DIY KK


• The first thing that you need to do for this simple DIY is to use your painter’s tape to tape off the section you want to spray paint. Since I decided to do a gold-dipped look, I taped off just below the handle of the mug.

•  Once you have taped off the space you want to paint, make sure that you cover other areas of the mug so you don’t get any spray paint residue on the rest of the mug.

• Next spray paint your taped off area

• Once the layer of gold spray paint- you could do any color I just love gold!- has dried spray the mug with a clear glossy sealer

• Then after letting the sealer dry completely, then you can remove the tape and scratch off any residue that may have gotten on the mug

• If you’re planning to do the monogram, build the monogram you want and use your Cricut or any other cutting machine you make have

• Then place the monogram on any part of the mug that you want

• Finally use your beautiful, new mug to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee- or any other warm drink!

Coffee Mug diy KK

I know that I am not the only one at KK HQ that is so thrilled to have our new little coffee station! I know that these new mugs and coffee will help to fuel countless brainstorming sessions and all our work here at Sakanaphotography! And now it is time for me to get another cup of coffee…

Coffee Mug diy KK

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