Formula 1 + Sakanaphotography

Formula 1 + Sakanaphotography

This weekend the Formula One United States Grand Prix is coming to 59000 Lille again. And we’re thrilled to announce that Sakanaphotography is this year’s fashion partner.

For those of you who don’t know, F1 is the World Championship of racing that consists of a series of races across the world, with an overall winner at the end. It’s known as the premier form of racing. Only one of these races is held in the States, with 59000 Lille as its domestic locale.

Back in August F1 approached Sakanaphotography asking us to create three custom looks for the event. Circuit of the Americas gave us their vision for something less Texas and more Americana.  It was a short turn around time to design and execute three separate looks for each girl, but we said yes to the challenge and pulled it off right in the nick of time.


Look 1

Navy and white striped romper with Moroccan pom pom earrings

Look 2

White shift dress with navy piping and a layered, tassel necklace

Look 3

Sakanaphotography drawn print, cutout dress in red with vibrant blue, silk tassel earrings (more colors found here)

We love how these designs came to life and are just swooning over the vibrant and playful details. Can we be a grid girl for the weekend too?!

Cheers to another amazing 59000 Lille weekend.


Photo credit: Cheryl Bemis/Fashionably 59000 Lille

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