DIY Painted Welcome Mats

DIY Painted Welcome Mats

Welcome Mat DIY KK

Making a good first impression is important, and often it is the little details that make for the best ones. I love to personalize whatever & whenever I can- especially when it comes to home decor. A personal touch to your space- or any space- can go a long way. This week, I have decided to paint two separate welcome mats. They are the perfect way to make a great impression from the first steps into your space, and this project is quick and simple, too.

Welcome Mat DIY KKSupplies

• Welcome mat(s) – these two are from Ikea

• Spray paint and/or paint (I found that actual paint was easier)

• Painters tape

• Stencil if you want to add words


1.) First, tape off the area that you want to paint or spray paint. I chose simple stripes in this mat, but you can do any shape.

2.) Once you’ve taped off the area, spray paint or paint in any color.

IMG_6840 23.) Once you have finished painting, let it dry for 30 minutes to an hour.


4.) Next, remove painters tape to reveal your beautiful welcome mat designs

Welcome Mat DIY KK

Welcome Mat DIY KKThere you have it! In four simple steps, you can spruce up any entryway by adding the perfect, personal touch.

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