DIY Gold Leaf Bowl Decor

DIY Gold Leaf Bowl Decor

DIY Gold Leaf Bowls KK

Gold leaf always ends up looking beautiful, but I quickly realized that the gold leaf is also very tricky. Working with gold leaf takes delicacy and patience-  two traits that I definitely could use a bit more of. After my first gold leaf DIY project I learned a lot about how the best techniques to make the gold leaf look as amazing as it does in the DIY projects all over Pinterest. I learned how tacky to make the items you’re applying the gold leaf to, the best way to apply to gold leaf, and how to get the texture right. So it is safe to say that I had a steep learning curve, but I was ready to tackle another gold leaf project.

DIY Gold Leaf Bowls KK


• Small glass bowls ( I got mine from the dollar store 3 for $1!)

• Gold Leaf (you can find it at any craft store- mine is from Hobby Lobby)

• Spray adhesive

• Foam brush

• Modge Podge (To seal the gold leaf)

• Fluorescent pink spray paint

 Gold Leaf Bowls DIY KK


1.) Make sure that your bowls are clean and then spray adhesive where you want to apply the gold leaf.

2.) Let the spray adhesive dry. This can be a tricky step and definitely takes some trial and error because you don’t want the adhesive to still be wet but if it gets too dry then the gold leaf doesn’t go on as easily.

Gold Leaf Bowls DIY KK

3.) Using your foam brush (or eventually I started using my hands!), carefully apply gold leaf. I found that applying the gold leaf in smaller sections was a better way to do it. It definitely takes multiple layers to get the look you desire.

4.) Let the Gold leaf dry then use modge podge to seal to the bowls.

Gold Leaf Bowls DIY KK5.) After I applied the gold leaf, I decided that I wanted to spray the outside of the bowls to add a pop of color!


Gold Leaf Bowls DIY KK

The final product is a bright and beautiful bowl that can brighten up any space! They are the perfect bowls to hold jewelry, your keys, office supplies…really anything!

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