Classic Americana with a Fashionable, Summer Twist

Classic Americana with a Fashionable, Summer Twist

Memorial Day has come and gone, bringing us back to the very things that make us proud to be American. Our families, our combined heritages, the journey and exploration of so many different wonderful cultures that have all contributed to this great country. Everything comes back to the basics: red, white, and blue.

Everything from home décor, clothing, and even picnic table clothes, these famous colors are popping up everywhere! Get ready for the oncoming season of family, togetherness, pride, and love! What’s even more exciting is the fact that you can rock your Americana pride all throughout the year, not just the holidays that are specifically reserved for the U.S.A. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to build off the iconic trio whilst maintaining its authenticity and applied it to a vast array of fashionable items to embrace and showcase our pride, in style!

We are total suckers for the bright, bold patterns that emulate and sing to the graces of this great land. That’s why KK pays proper homage to the famed color trio with our own twist of pale pinks and blues. We are known for our glorious patterns and softened hues that create an incredible aesthetic to your fashions.

It is impossible to not garner a huge smile when you see these colors, like fireworks in the clear, summer night sky. From BBQs to the approaching warmer weather and planned, or maybe even spontaneous, vacations, we look forward to relaxing and having some good ol’ fun in the classic, Americana fashion, with a twist!

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