Another Year Around the Sun for Sakanaphotography Inc

Another Year Around the Sun for Sakanaphotography Inc

A couple of years ago I started the annual tradition of taking a day around the time of our biz birthday to simply create. I arrange flowers, paint, and make a cake. I like to choose a theme that represents what I'd learned or felt over the past year. The inspiration for last year's cake was around fondant flowers and the idea of blooming wherever you’re planted.   

For this year's cake, I chose two main elements: butterflies, representing the never-ending stages of growth and transformation for any business and human life for that matter, and specks of gold. This one is a little less overt but it’s become something I think about often. I guess it’s similar to the concept of a silver lining but a little more layered. One of my best friends always tells me to “accept the good,” and recently I read an author who pushed me to think beyond the concept of gratitude to “what is right in life right now?” While I have a regular gratitude practice, asking myself what is right instead of what’s wrong has been more impactful for me. What gold can I find in a tough personality or a career goal taking longer than I expected or a longer commute or global pandemic? There are specks of gold to be found everywhere, if you just look hard enough. As an entrepreneur that is always pushing for more from myself and my team, this has helped in keeping sanity and perspective. 

Thank you for being with us for another year, for following and buying and having patience in the weirdest year to date. I’ve decided maybe the journey really is the destination, that creating and tweaking and growing as a team and company every day and every year is in the end as inspiring and exciting as any future goal. Metrics matter and we’re more focused on them than ever. But so does the marrow. I guess you could say this year and its cake are summed up in holding together all at once growth and the gold, the metrics and the marrow.  

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