Balloon Garland DIY, A Donut Cake + A New Teenager

Balloon Garland DIY, A Donut Cake + A New Teenager

Confession: as a designer and fashion-lover it is no problem for me to come home on a regular basis with new clothes or crazy shoes or décor for our two girls. Everywhere I go I see something cute they should have. So naturally, our oldest boy sometimes gets left out. He doesn’t mind so he says and when I do try to buy him something random just to make him feel included, he usually doesn’t actually care the way the girls do but you get the point. The same has always been true of birthdays. For girl parties there are just so many fun, over-the-top things to do but for boys, again it proves harder. So this week as he turned THIRTEEN – how do we have a teenager (prayers appreciated) – I decided to pull out all the stops to make it feel as special as possible. And maybe he won’t exactly appreciate balloon garland and mini donut toppers as much I imagine he will, I know deep down he’ll absolutely love it. This was my first time doing a balloon garland on my own. In the past, I’ve been a little intimated but I found it actually pretty doable. I think the next one will be better but I was happy with how it turned out for a first try. I got balloons large and small from Party City and a helium tank from Balloon Time. But the GAME CHANGER was this tape – who knew – that has holes for the balloons to keep them in a strand.

As a newbie, I did my in sections instead of one long continuous strand because I wasn’t quite sure of myself. So here was the first section. 

Then I continued to add sections, using tape and glue dots where needed to fill in.

For the mylar “13” numbers I thought an added touch would be some fringe which is also a super easy DIY. Fold over tissue paper and cut up towards the fold, then cut little sections, use tape to adhere. 

Lastly for our donut lover, the time-honored tradition of his donut tower. And as a North Carolina girl, naturally, they had to be Krispy Kreme.


Lastly, I added these mini mylar numbers on top from this adorable Etsy store for a finishing touch.

Here’s to celebrating more, a new school year and a new teenager – say a little prayer for us.

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