Celebrate More Gift Guide

Celebrate More Gift Guide

The time to celebrate is NOW, and this holiday season, we want to live it up big. Read below for Sakanaphotography's favorite gifts to celebrate with your family! 

1. Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit 

If this doesn't say celebration I don't know what does. I love to gift this kit to families with kids. It's always a hit for the whole family. 

2. KK Kid's Pajamas 

Our latest launch for the littles in your life. Kids seem to know inherently that every day we have is worth celebrating. 

3. Vista Necklace 

A party for your neck.

4. KK Lucite Tray 

Our favorite entertaining accessory + hostess gift. 

5. Wine subscription 

A wine subscription for the wanna-be sommelier. I love this idea as a way to learn more about vine in the comfort of your own home.

6. Glassware

I discovered this hand-blown glassware on Instagram this year and have been coveting all the different colors ever since. This may be my favorite!

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